Hi, I am Matteo,

Nice to meet you.


It was Michelangelo’s fault.

When, I was in high school, and I met him in school books, I believed that no one could ever exceed the magnitude of his expressive power. From that moment on, my journey towards visual artistic expression began.

Alas, it didn’t take me long to understand and accept that painting wasn’t my strong point. However, the camera did not take long to come forward in my life and, finally, I could have my say through images, tell my stories and convey my emotions.

Rome, my city, is another of the loves of my life, I know stories, alleys, small and big secrets that very often leave even the Romans speechless!

Embracing the two passions, for photography and for Rome, and adding that for food, I worked with tourism … but when I walk downtown I see architecture, shapes, colors, lights, everything is a photograph to do (if not the I’ve already done it!).

Streets, architecture, shapes and lights. The street is undoubtedly my primary communication channel, but not without people to fill the picture. I love looking at their faces, their expressions, each with their own story and narrative.

I believe that anyone can express themselves through images, talk about themselves, convey their thoughts.

And this is my role: to interpret and capture.

“Shooting is to recognize at the same instant and in a fraction of a second an event and the rigorous arrangement of the forms perceived with the gaze that express and signify this event. It is to place the mind, the eyes and the heart on the same line. It is a way of life.  

H. C. Bresson